Of course this started as a first ever listen to Revolution 9 and my surprise that the word revolution didn’t need to be in it.

Of course cutting up those singles was hard but for almost two years I had lived with objects being cut up, hacked, crunched, torn or chopped up.

Of course the packaging runs the gamut of DIY tools – the self-pressed labels, the collage, the photocopy, the stamp, the self-adhered lettering. All that was missing was the stencil which was considered for the sleeve (an F13 logo) but rejected.

Of course it is interesting that Robert Pollard felt little urge to distribute his own work in the early days and that now it is available in a colossal volume.

Of course the total of twenty was chosen for financial reasons.

Of course fifteen were given away – due to arrive on Friday 13th July 2007 – to other artists that may enjoy at least one listen through.

Of course the notion that Friday 13 is used across Europe as a non-centralised day for some form kind of "social action" (as opposed to inaction) is a nicer idea than it is an actual framework.

Of course the 7 and 12” formats mean absolutely nothing to many – the frequency of vinyls' or turntables' appearances as material (without music listed) on a site such as vvork is alarming.

Of course during this I went to see the results of some tests carried out on our daughter about ‘breaking preconditioned thoughts’ or 'impulse control'. Hard enough for an adult, let alone a 9 year old.

Of course since pressing Revolution999, the following additional uses of the word revolution have been proposed: icicle works, rocker-t, x, vinny peculiar, the dead c and daniel ash.

Of course revolution999 was going to appear in 2008 to mark its 40th anniversary but anniversaries should never get in the way of a good idea that needs to get out.

Of course the true revolution is being able to access snippets of songs without entering a record shop. Notions of “HMV and Virgin on Renfield Street" or are endangered.

Of course as Roger Hill pointed out, the word revolution is also phonetically full of potential and options.