The Takeovers - music for us, from the 'bad football' CD, 2007 OFF Records.

Super Furry Animals - peter blake 2000, from the Paul McCartney 'liverpool sound collage' CD.

James Kelman - not, not while the giro, 1983.

The Bold Street Project - Katie Lips & Michelle Wren with tenantspin, FACT 2007.

Keene Brothers - island of lost lucys, from the double-CD CRICKETS - best of the fading captain series 1999-2007.

Tell no one / Ne le dis personne, Guillaume Canet, 2006.

Echo & The Bunnymen - read it in books, pictures on my wall, monkeys.

Guided by Voices - echos myron, from the 'bee thousand' CD.

Half Man Half Biscuit - vatican broadside, from the 100 songs project at World Of Stuart.

tuung, on RM's iTunes.

The Doors - rock is dead, hyacinth house, queen of the highway, people get ready etc, from The Doors Box Set part 1.

The Stranglers - london lady