twenty single sleeves: 20 singles from a collection, selected on 2 June 2007:

Secondary School 1979-85
New Order, temptation, bought 23 July 1982
Abstract sleeve, lacquered text, pattern bleeds to edge, 7” plays at 33.3rpm, flat sound, a true benchmark

Christmas 1982
Echo & The Bunnymen, the back of love, The Walker Art Gallery
Adam & The Ants, desperate but not serious

Embedded melodies
Piranhas, tom hark, 4 August 1982
Dead Kennedys, too drunk to fuck, 29 July 1985

British re-invasion
Discovering that new material from the Stones and ex-Beatles was still relevant
Paul McCartney, take it away, 23 July 1982
Rolling Stones, undercover of the night, 25 February 1984

Infiltrating the living rooms of Britain with difficult b-sides
The Stranglers, golden brown bw love 30, 3 June 1982
Laurie Anderson, o superman bw walk the dog, 3 Dec 1994

A fine day shopping, London, 23 July 1982
Specials, rat race
Paul McCartney, take it away
New Order, temptation
Kraftwerk, showroom dummies

Happy 15th Birthday
Roxy Music, Avalon, 4 August 1982

Art School 1985-1991
Sinead O’Connor, nothing compares 2 u, 19 August 1990
Japan, ghosts, family gift, 1989
Hüsker Dü, makes no sense at all, 24 January 1986

Liverpool, 1995-99
Nick Cave, into my arms, 13 Feb 1997
Butthole Surfers, pepper, 25 Sept 1996
Boo Radleys, c’mon kids, 11 Oct 1997
Kathleen Hanna, rockstar, 14 June 1997
Soul Bossa, sore loser, 6 August 1996

Priestman & Campbell – Baby 96, Bluecoat Gallery, 1996
Guided By Voices/Robert Pollard, 1986-date
P. Büchler – LIVE/encore, LP/7”