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9RPM-1, cantaudio017, 100 minute version of revolution no.9, featuring 2 newly commissioned remixes by philip jeck, CD-R edition of 19, with thanks to Roger McKinley for CD printing and Patrick Fox & Antoinette Clark for Transatlantic white DVD Box delivery.

MP3 files: 1. action painting (32.55), 30.8 Mb 2. philip jeck 1 (8.02), 7.5 Mb 3. philip jeck 2 (9.02), 8.6 Mb

MP3 file: 4. be myself (49.05), 46.1 Mb

1. take the mic away, 3-track 7", 1997, reconfigured into 4 x 8 minute 12" dub plates deleter
2. deleter remixed by Phlip Jeck into 2 x 8 minute tracks 3. revolution no.9 reconfigured into 100 minute track to incorporate all of above


Arty ladies on the London-Liverpool train, Arrested development - revolution, Anti-social behaviour, radio 5, Ake hodell – structures III, Arto Lindsay – children of the revolution, Adam west – running up that hill, Agathocles – puppet

Beatles – revolution, Beatles – revolution 9, Beatles – revolution 9, mono acetate, 20th june 1968, Beatles – revolution 9, take 20, monitor mix w. Yoko voice over, Beatles xmas records, 1967-68, Beatles - what's new mary jane, Bad brains - revolution, Bram stoker’s Dracula sound clips, Bertie vogts and christian dailly after german defeat, Billy bragg – revolution, Blessed union of souls – revolution, Beatles Anthology DVD, Beatles – what’s new mary jane, Beatles – revolution jam, unfinished, Bob ross on painting, Butthole surfers – revolution (pts 1 & 2), Billie holiday – can’t get started

Charles manson – poem, Chaotic dischord – the lord’s prayer intro, Ciccone youth – exceprts from the whitey album, Charles manson – dumb people, Charlotte moorman – charlotte’s answering machine, Chumbawamba – abc of anarchy, Clash – revolution rock, Charles bukowski – the Japanese wife, Chopin – etude in c minor revolution, Chumbawamba – revolution, Charles bronson – let’s start a revolution

Dorsey burnette – hey little one, Doresy burnette – don’t let go, Danbert nobacon – piggies in revolution, Death in june – christine the lizard, Danger Mouse – interlude, Dorsey burnette – came here to dance, Dorsey burnette – the greatest love, Daft punk – revolution 909, Dorsey burnette – daddy loves you honey

Entrevista a john lennon y yoko ono, octubre 1971, Elevator drops - lennon’s dead

Flying burrito brothers – christine’s tune, Frank Sinatra – this town, Fennesz – Odessa, Frank zappa interviewed about john lennon

Gil scott heron – the revolution will not be televised, Gin blossoms – Christine sixteen

Harry Cross & Ralph, brookside ‘snake’ episode, Handel – Israel in Egypt, Halloween theme meets wuthering heights, Hayseed Dixie – Christine sixteen, Helix – Christine, Hawksley workman – revolution, Helloween – revolution now

Iced earth – christine

John lennon – the final interview Jefferson airplane – revolution, Judas priest – revolution, Jethro Watson – Christine, Jools Holland – revolution, John lennon – revolution, Jason forrest – storming blues rock, Jason forrest – my 36 favourite punk songs, John cale – fear is a man’s best friend

Kiss – Christine sixteen Little sammy & the tones – christine

Liverpool-newcastle 1974 commentary Led zeppelin – stairway to heaven (backwards), Lennon interview, 8th December 1980, Lennon interview, 6th December 1980

Marilyn Manson – revelation 9, Mourinho, looped, BBC website, Michael owen transfer, radio 5, Minor threat, skate and die, Morse code from becky shaw/wish you were here, Meat beat manifesto – all the things you are

Nicky Hopkins – revolution, Nina simone – revolution, Negativland – long distance dedication, Nina – 99 red balloons, North Sea Gas – lord of the dance

Omd – Christine

Phil ochs – Christine keeler, Peter sellers & the beatles, Pantera – revolution is my name, Phish – revolution 9, Public enemy – revelation 33 1 3 revolutions

Rolling stones – blue turns to grey, Red hot chilli peppers – Christine (live), Robbie Williams – revolution, Robotix – vamparella, Robyn Hitchcock – revolution 9, Red hot chilli peppers – cant, Robert wyatt – pigs, Robinson crusoe theme, Revolution 9 midi file, Rachel & the revolutions – revolution

Soviet anthems – armenia, lithuania, latvia, belarus, ukraine, moldova, azerbaijan, tajikistan, kazakhstan, slovenia, uzbekistan, turkmenistan, georgia, estonia, Syd barret – bob dylan’s blues (revolution 9 remix), Stig of the dump theme, Stray cats – stray cat strut, Sorry so sloppy – holiday bowl, Stockhausen – hymnen ragion 3, 4, Stereophonics – revolution, Scott mccagg – revolution, This mortal coil – song to the siren, Scholastic death – revolution will not be posted on ebay, Stone temple pilots – revolution

The Gladiators – ride on Christine, The bellrays – drums, Trailer for the film Revolution 9, Twenty-one grams – sound clips, The corries – the black Douglas, Afterhours – baby face, Tubeway army – down in the park, The shazam – revolution 9, Tarnation – Christine, The wake – Christine, Tullycraft – vacation in Christine, Tom and ken – Christine, Twink – three little piggies, The compass – paint me a Jackson Pollock, Tony cascarino commentary, Ireland - italy, They might be giants – grassroots internet revolution

Vibrators – baby baby

Whitehouse – baby

Yoko ono – toilet piece, 1971

+ Anonymous German High School version of 'War of the Worlds' c/o Wiebke Muller,

+Original dubs x 4, (4 x 12”, cantaudio 2005): Take the mic away, early pause-button takes, 1997; Guided by voices, for ‘last smiles’ 2004, B-LEAVE for Bernadette Mcgrath, 2004, YesVember, foreign investment, 2004, Johnny Thunders for ‘canny’ 2003, John Mcguirk in quiggins pub, 2005, Sir Gordon Epson on pinza, 1953, Fugazi, repeater + Take the mic away x 3 (7” single, Bluecoat Gallery, 1997)


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