About halfway along Bellgrove Street in Glasgow's Denniston is a narrow entrance, framed by the vibrant orange colour of the transport authority and sign-posted 'Bellgrove'.

The sunken station is usually quiet yet according to official figures an average of 9,300 people use Bellgrove every week.

Between the Station's old retaining brick wall and the island platform is the east-bound 'homeward' line to Springburn, Cumbernauld and Drumgelloch; opposite is the route to the west coast via the city centre.

The fatal single-line rail crash in March 1989 occurred just east of the platform.

A sense of dislocation and a feeling of neglect and isolation haunts the station. Being unmanned, it has fallen victim to vandalism. The depot house burned down in July 1990 and all vulnerable facilities such as ticket machines and waiting room windows were removed.