PROPOSAL FOR by the way, BERGEN, MAY 2003

TITLE: honour

DESCRIPTION: five portraits of the most respected football referee in the world, Pierluigi Collina. Up close, his ears are revealed as smaller portraits, one smiling, one scowling. These act as his (and society's) "devil" and "angel" - small texts (in the host country's language) offer polar opposite opinions on five issues of the day.

An early version of this work was fly-posted in Rio de Janeiro in 2001. The texts (in Portuguese) reflected the social concerns of the local community. They ranged from the debate over forthcoming local elections to more personal and individual daily decisions on taking risks or playing safe.

MEDIUM: the five works will be digitally printed in the UK by the artist and brought to Bergen. Text to be added on location prior to installation.

Promotional card printed by artist.

Both the printed works and promotional card carry discrete links to a supporting website page that offers additional visual and textual material, such as the of the role of contact lenses in Collina's journey to becoming known as The Emperor Of Honour.