blind blind blind blind blind blind blind blind blind blind
cantaudio05, January 2004. faith:drunk:leap:rage .

01. blindfaith (18.21). 02. blinddrunk (12.42). 03. blindleap (5.01). 04. blindrage (1.38).

saturday 8 november 2003.

weekend supplement includes leaflet from sight savers international. image of child with frankie-style t-shirt. born to be blind. rock'n'roll used to save eyes. was blind but now i see.

saturday 22 november 2003, liverpool.

begin work on faith. record uses of the phrases see, eyes and blind by:

Einsturzende Neubauten

first floor: here live the blind who believe what they see

Nick Cave

The Cramps

Frank Sinatra

Aretha Franklin

Dixie Chicks

Destinys Child

Nancy Wilson

Boys of Alabama

Primal Scream


DMX Mashonda

The author of the words was self-proclaimed wretch John Newton. Composed probably between 1760 and 1770 in Olney, Amazing Grace was possibly one of the hymns written for a weekly service.

Patsy Cline

Royal Scots Dragoon Guards


Johnny Cash

Laurie Anderson

Mahalia Jackson



Grex Musicus


Big Black

Sid Sidney Orchestra


The Gun Club

Pastor Carolyn C. Bryant & The Bryant Ensemble

Frank Zappa


saturday 6 december 2003, liverpool.

purchase guided by voices hardcore ufo's and bonnie prince billie. begin drunk.

Guided by Voices

Bonnie Prince Billy

Shockabilly hard days night

Fear of the lecture theatre = santa lucia = resolutions 04

Gastroabend, die blinde kuh

Die Blinde Kuh ........

Pastor Carolyn C. Bryant & The Bryant Ensemble

Pastor Ayars, re-ordered

George W Bush, re-ordered (90%)

Victoria Williams, canít cry harder, 9-11 tribute


U2, 9-11 tribute

And now if you join me in a moment of silence...

Produced on

sunday 21 december 2003, helsinki.

begin leap and rage.

new order such a good thing sublime (ending altered)

Wayne Rooney, (every mention on) Radio 5 commentary, England-Denmark, 16.11.03

Melt Banana, I HATE IT! (long version)

review of the year - they never use any decent music as backdrops