Signs 1-12 (outer) and 1b-12b (inner), Mount Pleasant Street round pole-mounted
1 Girl with X-ray eyes2 Photographer3 Laptop boy
4 Boy teleporting with his phone5 Bright spark girl6 Girl making funny face
7 Girl with X-ray eyes8 Soft drinks available9 Boy who asked his MP questions

10 Boy climbing pedestal11 Girl with X-ray eyes12 The boy who matured in youth clubs

1b Dancing2b Group - friendship3b Boy making funny face
4b Boy making funny face5b Mobile phones6b Smile
7b Couple8b Couple in sunshine9b Funny face

10b Boy with attitude 11b Girl pulling funny face 12b Group - friendship

Signs 13-28, Mount Pleasant Street round wall-mounted
13 The band - DJ15 The band - CD girl15 The band - drummer boy
16 The band - guitarist17 String cup phone18 Mobile phone
19 String cup phone20 What's in the Zone? ME!21 Mobile phone
22 Mobile phones and string23 Laptop hands24 Speech bubble - What do you say?
25 Photographer26 The face of youth27 The boy who matured
28 Photographer

Signs 29-37 (outer) and 29b-37b (inner), Whittam Street square pole-mounted
29 Computer games30 Chilling31 Dancing
32 Young man invents flying machine33 Football34 Cooking
35 Dance machine36 Art classes37 Making positive images
29b Table tennis30b Rock climbing31b Pool
32b Table football33b DJ'ing34b Gymnastics
35b Communicating36b Communicating37b The face of youth