Alan Dunn, artists' collective Re-Dock & David Jacques with the Bootle and Seaforth communities around the Leeds & Liverpool Canal, with New Heartlands / Liverpool Biennial, April 2008 - September 2009

In April 2009, Dunn and Chris Watson worked with a group of BA and MA students from the Leeds Metropolitan University School of Contemporary Art & Graphic Design.

Based at the Canal's end point at the River Ayre, the group worked around the clock creating an audio portrait of a small stretch of the Canal.

Extracts were then moxed by the group working in small teams, for a surround-sound playback at the Innovation North Studios in Headingley. Four tracks were subsequently selected by Nikos Stavropoulos from INN as part of the Echochroma IV concert.

Audio files (mp3)

1. Chris Watson 'The Bridge'

2. James Hubble 'Fibre rich moist carpet'

3. Sam Elliott 'cockroaches'

4. Emily Jackson, Samantha Harvey and Huw Andrews 'Ellipsis'

5. Lisa and Sam

6. Les

7. Mark Whitford

8. Michael Seymour

9. Oliver Salmon

10. Samantha Wass 'ghost train'

11. Tom Pearson 'Echoes'