Alan Dunn, artists' collective Re-Dock & David Jacques with the Bootle and Seaforth communities around the Leeds & Liverpool Canal, with New Heartlands / Liverpool Biennial, April 2008 - September 2009

Collaged produced with and by around 2,000 locals are worked into a single manifesto for change. The designs evolved throughout 2009 to be presented on the suite of eight billboards shown below during September. In July it was announced that all eight were to be removed by the new site owners. An alternative single 96-sheet was identified in Bootle. Printing of billboards once again by the excellent Augustus Martin in Bromley.

Carragher image courtesy of James Chudley, plucked randomly from Flickr before discovering James used to work with Katie Lips, who is now working with tenantspin.
Venice Biennale - Liverpool Biennial - new bridges for Bootle

Detail from David Jacques' Canal wallwork entitled 'Adeiladu - Build' at Millers Bridge, a homage to the Welsh builders and navigators and the 1904 Census of Welsh Speakers in Merseyside - 30,000.