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Left: Billboard no. 2075, corner of Seel Street and Slater Street, Liverpool City Centre. Image: posterwork by Pierre Huyghe, commissioned by Alan Dunn, 1999.

Crime & Punishment

Background: The front page of The Sunday Times on 2 January 2005 proclaims the UK’s police and crime figures to be “the worst in Europe”. Streets are deemed unsafe, anti-social behaviour is rife, city centre binge drinking is discussed in the House and private space is now criminally protected yet often breached. CCTV systems pepper the city centre, calls for tougher punishments are heard weekly, alternatives to prison sought, Restorative Justice programmes implemented and celebrities hounded for suggesting Liverpool maintains its reputation for petty theft.

Venue: The above site at Seel/Slater Street has been hired by Alan Dunn for the four-week period 3 - 31 July 2005 Project: Four newly commissioned artworks to each appear on the site for 1 week each. Process: Designs supplied to Alan as original artwork or on CD, image saved at 300dpi, 'image size' to be 2x1ft (60x30cm). Can be full-colour or black & white. Image-only works preferred but text acceptable. Each work to include small website name - link to project page (site will be: Supporting material for website welcome. Placement of this link to be agreed between all involved. Final billboard dimensions 20 x 10ft. Alan to pay for all production & installation, provide documentation and pay fee of £300 upon receipt of signed invoice.

Artist Design proposal for website Final artwork Installation dates
tbc 16 May latest 20 June Mon 4 - Fri 8 July
tbc 16 May latest 20 June Mon 11 - Fri 15 July
Alan Dunn 16 May latest 20 June Mon 18 - Fri 22 July
tbc 16 May latest 20 June Mon 25 - Fri 29 July