crime and punishment, 2005
Alan Dunn
15 November 2004. Coping stones stolen during the night.
Maybe one shouldn't get angry at the little things, the relatively insignificant acts of petty theft such as the six stolen coping stones. Maybe one should instead concentrate on the regional, national or global crimes?

This is local theft. This is an authentic crime scene photograph. This incident was given a Crime Number by the local police. But this means nothing. Six Victorian stones at 10 each? But this means everything. This could have happened anywhere.

June 2005. Damien Hirst 'drops' his proposed project to reproduce an image of a real crime (murder) scene in Scotland after a 'controversy'.

"SICK! The Turner Prize-winning artist wants to use it as part of a new exhibition of pictures based on photorealism, a technique made famous by 1960s artist Andy Warhol. He makes minor adjustments before selling them for up to 1million a time." (Sunday Mail, Scotland)