James Kelman - the good times

Negativland / Chumbawamba - the ABCs of anarchism

Adopt with ease - it's all in the carpets Zoe Williams on a Social Work visit to Madonna, Guardian 2, Tuesday 18.9.07

France 0 Scotland 1 - McFadden

The Official German World Cup 1978 Book, with foreword by Hermann Neuberger, 3 euros in Münster Oxfam

The South Wirral Show's pig and lawnmower racing (separate), Parkgate

The Broken Penis Orchestra - Organ Failure, 7", 2005, edition of 400

Lemon 8 - bells of revolution (steve thomas remix) 12"

Opsvik & Jennings - the last country village

Richard Meltzer, Robert Pollard, Smegma, Antler and Vom - punkmobile

Documenta 12, Kassel & Skulptur Projekt Münster - Guy Ben-Ner, John McCracken, Peter Friedl and Nasreen Mohamedi

Philippe Parreno's comments and thoughts, on the Zidane DVD extras

Steven Wells - Anarchy In The Uk, the stories behind the anthems of punk

Clinton Heylin - Babylon's Burning

Alan Bennett - Telling Tales

Sylvia Plath - daddy (adapted and performed by Richard Jobson at Cabaret Futura)

Woxy Vintage web radio here (playing Grant Hart's sparse 2541 at the time of typing)

Danny Boyle - Frank Cottrell Boyce - Millions

Laika - Bad Times

XTC - Grass