Subj: Mapping Change Margate
Date: 4/7/01 7:27:06 PM GMT Daylight Time
From: (Derek Hampson)

Dear Alun Dunn
I have been given your name by Jane Lee. I am currently working with Jane on
a project based in Margate, Kent called 'Mapping Change'. She told me you
may be interested in taking part in the project. Currently there are two
artists defintely involved myself and Patrick LeBellec from Dunkirk. The aim
of the project is to make a series of representations of Margate now before
it changes. I am working with a team including a geographer we are exploring
ideas of scales of representation, Patrick will bring a team to Margate and
will create a series of video outcomes with local people. There will also be
input from KIAD students. We are looking to be active in Margate from
September 22nd to 29th, but there will be a 'recce' in June.


Jane told me something about you and gave me a copy of your CV which sounds
very interesting. Below I have pasted the first draft proposal for the
project. I would be grateful if you could tell me after reading it:
1. Are you interested?
2. If yes what you might do bearing in mind the theme of the project
'mapping change'?
3. How much funding you might need

I hope this doesn't sound too blunt but we have to make decisions on
participants quickly, also if you are interested I would like to discuss the
project further. I would also say we are also waiting to hear if we have
extra funding we have applied for.

Mapping Change
Project Aims
Margate is on the brink of radical change and renewal through the process of
urban regeneration currently in progress. The aim of the project is to
create a 'map' of Margate that is a kaleidoscopic representation of it
before this change happens, an archive of the present for the future. The
project will define Margate through the people living in it, their
histories and experience filtered through the contemporary culture and
technology of the day. Gathering as many representations of the place as
possible, when brought together they will constitute a living map of the

Project description
1. An existing map of Margate will form the starting point for the project,
this will be divided into segments.
2. Participating artists will be identified and will be allotted a segment.
3. They will be asked to make a representation of all or part of the area
within that segment, within an allotted timespan. This representation can be
in any medium.

When completed these representation will have the potential to be used in
two ways
They will be exhibited/displayed in Margate, (this includes the idea of
public non-gallery display).
They will be used to create an interactive map that will be distributed as
a CD. This can have the dual function of being a record of the project and
also an aid for the regeneration process.

Derek Hampson
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