Bring down my grey hairs with sorrow to the grave
Old Testament 42:1/38
Grey is the colour of hope
Irina Ratushinskaia
I'm the man in grey
The Specials 'Man at C&A'
Top underwear designers have always used grey in their collection
Daphne Broadhead, Scottish Sunday Express, 8/12/91
Now it's gone very grey and leaden overhead
Alan Green, Man Utd - Leeds, Radio 5, 6/9/92
Yet let the grey ones beware! The general public no longer loves its grey ones
D.H. Lawrence
The earth was grey with phantoms
P.B. Shelley 'Fragments'
The grey card reflects exactly 18% of the light falling on it
Michael Freeman, 'Colour Photography'
Factory Records loved to exploit, with sympathy, the grey feel of the area
Mick Middles, 'The Smiths'
You once said that grey means indifference, lack of opinion, a refusal to make a statement...
Wolfgang Pehnt, in conversation with Gerhard Richter
My night is coloured headache grey
REM 'Daysleeper'
Things should be black or white. But never grey
The New Rover 75, TV advert
It's not a fighting war, not like in our day. It's grey. Half-devils versus half-angels
Beryl Reid as Connie in 'Smiley's People'
Even when I'm old and grey
Frank Sinatra 'You make me feel so young'
So we now say that grey represents half-shadow
Goethe 'Theory of Colour'
I painted the emotions we have when we feel grey geese descending
Agnes Martin, quoted by Thomas McEvilley, Artforum
The sky outside is wet and grey
Madness 'Grey Day'
What struck Winston was the look of helpless fright on the woman's greyish face
George Orwell '1984'