Political sloganeering and posturing meant nothing; you had to celebrate the joy of life in the face of all those grey forces and dead spirits who controlled everything
Irvine Welsh 'Ecstasy'
Die Welt ist bunt, aber mein Leben ist Grau
Esbericum advert, Burda Magazine
Not the compromise between loss and renaissance, but an overwhelming colour of grey
Dion Fortune 'Psychic Self Defence'
I'll serenade you 'til I'm old and grey
Jimmy Osmond 'Long haired lover from Liverpool'
I mention it because Paris, as everyone knows, is a pre-eminently grey city. I mention it because, in the realm of watercolour, American painters use this made-to-order grey excessively and obsessively. In France, the range of greys is seemingly infinite; here the very effect of grey is lost
Henry Miller 'Quiet days in Clichy'
The cement glows grey
Teenage Jesus & The Jerks 'Burning Rubber'
What if the whole world wide web was like this?
Ugly is in - Grey is the new white
Frieze Magazine, Issue 42
Grey hair is caused by a loss of melanin
Adam Lee-Potter in The Sun, 7/1/2000
Grey. It makes no statement whatsoever; it evokes neither feelings nor associations; it is really neither visible or invisible
Gerhard Richter
Grey skies to blue
ABC 'The look of love'
The water was grey, the deep grey of wet stones by a Chinese lake, a grey you couldn't see through
Emily Prager 'Roger Fishbite'
She also correlates a grey aura with depression
John Whitman 'The psychic power of plants'
It's a grey world
Attitude Adjustment 'Grey World'
Who's the new grey man whispering sweet policies into the PM's ear?
The Guardian, February 1995
Grey: general name for achromatic or neutral effects without hue which lie between white and black
Methuen 'Handbook of colour'
Anyway, they're too soft, they'd let the greys take over
'Les Nuits Fauves'
What I mean is that this photo is grey, a hundred shades and tones of grey
Toni Davidson 'Scar Culture'