a-side EDITION OF 1,000

Double-sided 7" picture disc, 45rpm, 1998.

A BLUEDUNN production.


SIDE 1 'Take The Mike Away' Spoken Word 1.41
Original Welsh Mix 2.42
SIDE 2 'Take The Mike Away'
Philip Jeck Funereal Mix 3.05
The Titanic Side

Produced by Alan Dunn, Mastered at The Gossamer Dome, Ynys Mon, August 1997. The picture disc features excerpts from 'Live From The Vinyl Junkyard' and 'Mixing It' live art-music events staged at The Bluecoat Gallery in Liverpool.

With Thanks...

Kev Traynor and Will Shaw at Pure Music Manufacturing in Manchester, John Young for scanning in Liverpool, David Sharnoff for reportedly patenting the first picture disc in 1928, after being the first in the US to hear The Titanic's SOS signal, The JAMM's for their LP '1987 - What the XXXX is going on?', issued the same year as salvage operations began on The Titanic, The Royal Scottish Academy for showing Dunn's 'Hospitalité' pastel-on-board work in 1987 from which the turntable side image is taken.

Gerhard Richter for his 18 Oktober 1977 suite of paintings, particularly Record Player, oil on canvas, 1988, Peter Schjedahl: 'the record player could be what Alfred Hitchcock called a Maguffin, an innocent-seeming object with sinister narrative significance', Art In America, April 1988, Henry Priestman for his hospitality and claim that Roger Eagle, co-founder of Liverpool's legendary Eric's Club, used to live in very flat in which this picture disc was conceived (since dispelled unfortunately), Alan Philpotts for his brief article on how to turn CD's into eggcups in The Guardian, Garrard for making sturdy turntables, The Postman, Brigitte Jurack, The Kid who shouted out 'Take The Mike Away!' during 'Jukebox Jackanory' by Kevin O'Neill, Bryan Biggs and all at The Bluecoat and all artists involved in the 'Live From The Vinyl Junkyard' and 'Mixing It' seasons for eventually providing the tapes.


Subj: Junkyard - CDs and egg cups

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Subj: Junkyard - CDs and egg cups


Thank you for the mention. You are very welcome.


Alan Philpotts


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