cantaudio012, January 2005, edition: 18

A fifty-five minute lament for those who left. Produced September - December 2004 using the first two lines of 'leaving on a jet plane'. Produced in Glasgow, Liverpool, Dublin, London and north Wales.

There were a lot of people leaving, packed bags, cleared desks. Around 15 in an 18 month period. Envelopes went round, presents bought and speeches delivered. And then they went. Never replaced but, well, replaced. Left for different reasons. Is leaving leaving nomatter what the reasons? Probably not.

Whoever is leaving in the song struck a chord with a multitude of home-recordists, wannabees, drunken parties, serious guitarists, rockers and tired yawning kids. There are around 50 versions of the song on the web by unknown, unsigned but undaunted folk. LEAVES gathers up some of the more individual and unrivalled versions.

listening notes: Denver was almost in the Monkees

listening notes: New Order were accused on plagiarising Leaving... for their Run 2

listening notes: Denver was born in Roswell

listening notes: John Peel died during production of LEAVES

listening notes: The kid yawning is 11yr old "brit-brit" from the jtfats and family combo

listening notes: The drilling sound after 24 minutes on track 3 is the wallasey-liverpool bus sound at 500% normal speed

listening notes: The singing by Christine Yousef on track 3 was from a San Jose tribute website entitled "In memory of Christine Yousef". This section in the St George's Church website has since become inaccessible

listening notes: Denver was not pleased at being omitted from the original Live Aid

listening notes: Had he passed his space training, Denver may have been on the doomed Challenger shuttle

listening notes: Denver was almost in The Byrds