lichth(of) fire, cant audio 003, august 2003
27m 57s audio work originally composed for Lichthof der VHS, Cologne (1998), using fragments from six Nirvana LP’s: BLEACH (Tupelo 1989), INCESTICIDE (Geffen 1992), NEVERMIND (Geffen 1991), MONYANA (bootleg vinyl, XS Records 1992), IN UTERO (Geffen 1994) and UNPLUGGED IN NEW YORK (Geffen 1994).
Additional excerpts from Big Dipper, Jad & David Fair - Monster Songs For Children, The Alexander Brothers, Courtney Love, King Horror, original Kurt Cobain audio collages, Rangers FC, Bikini Kill, Therapy? Pixies, Dead Kennedys, Altered Images, Vaselines, Kathleen Hanna, Tears for Fears, Red Guitars, Neil Young, Girls Against Boys, Terry Riley, DJ Lebowitz, The Velvet Underground and The History Channel.
With thanks to Christopher SPURLING and Robert WILSON who, in 1930, faked the infamous Surgeon’s Photograph of the Loch Ness Monster, as revealed in March 1994 shortly after Spurling’s death. Ahh, it looks so good - she’s made out of wood. One month later, Kurt COBAIN took his own life. Two months later, Colombia’s Andrés ESCOBAR was shot dead following his World Cup own goal (see The Guardian, FOURTH OF JULY 1994). Six months after his death, COBAIN’s version of The Meat Puppets’ LAKE OF FIRE was released.
1994 production of The Surgeon's Photograph billboard, work in progress, Derby studio
Part 1: lichth(of) fire (10.59)

Part 2: mont age (8.14)

Part 3: ahh, she's made out of wood (8.44)

all tracks by nirvana unless otherwise stated

(applause) all you need is love (available here)

john keating & the royal philharmonic orchestra - auld lang syne (from ‘a musical tour around the world ... and beyond', london records lp)

intro - all apologies

loch/locked - heart shaped box

nes (t) - all apologies

mo (llys) - molly’s lips

(poly) ster - beeswax

if she floats then she is not - serve the servants

aqua seafoam shame - all apologies

if she floats then - serve the servants

it is now my duty to completely drain you - drain you

all - all apologies

i found - lithium

was a - man who sold the world

sp (eak the truth) - radio friednly unit shifter

(m) oon - yellow moon

where do bad folks go when they die? they don’t go to heaven where the angels fly - lake of fire

spring is here again - in bloom

go to a lake of fire and fry, see ‘em again until fourth of july - lake of fire

spring is here again - in bloom

and he likes to shoot his gun - in bloom

but he don’t know what it means - in bloom

and I say - in bloom


(rec) ess - school, co (me) - come as you are, ob (ituary) - milk it, are - come as you are

and I say - in bloom


(rec) ess - school, co (me) - come as you are, ob (ituary) - milk it, (pl) ain - on a plain

guitar - polly


poll (y) - poly

lock (ed) - heart shaped box


wil(l) - where did you sleep last night?

son - been a son


spur (sprung a leak) - something in the way

(you don't do anyth)ing - blew

guitar - blew

guitar - floyd the barber

hole - malibu ('love will tear us apart')

you don’t do anything - blew

the alexander brothers - campbeltown loch (from let's have a ceilidh, pye records, 1964)

the animals I’ve trapped - something in the way

where the cold wind blows - where did you sleep last night?

'cos they don’t have any feelings - something in the way

think she wants some water? -polly

and he never leaves cos he’s got bad luck - stain

and he never reads and he never rusts - stain

and he never sleeps cos he’s got - stain


king horror - loch ness monster (trojan, 1969)

derek johnstone & john macdonald - follow, follow (from the real rangers record, dsa music, 1980)

guitar - lake of fire

big dipper untitled track ('fruity sound collage by gary' on the all going out together 12", homestead records, 1987)

jad and david fair - loch ness monster (from monster songs for children, available here)

guitar thrash - molly’s lips, blew

finding cobain's body new report (available here)

courtney reads note (available here)

courtney court readings (available here)

guitar - something in the way


something in the way (reverse)

guitar - floyd the barber

guitar - blew

kurt cobain audio montage (available here) with:

altered images - thinking about you

bikini kill - this is not a test

dead kennedys - nazi punks fuck off (60%)

suicide - cheree

gabriel yared - camille claudel soundtrack

suicide - frankie teardrop

therapy? - church of noise

pixies - planet of sound

bass jam (available here)

all you need is love (available here)

gypsies (available here)

tears for fears - mad world

swinging rope (from bbc horror soundtrack)

vaselines - molly’s lips

the rose (available here)

black angel (available here)

kathleen hanna - wordcore (kill rock stars 7")

i feel fine (available here)

archie gemmill commentray by Peter Jones (from the bbc world cup lp, 1986)

red guitars - good technology

neil young - old man

here she comes now (available here)

girls against boys - click click

d.j. lebowitz - holiday in cambodia

terry riley - poppy nogood

more than a feeling (available here)

been a son (available here)


loch ness recordings (available here)

dj liebowitz - holiday in Cambodia (60%)

velvet underground - here she comes now (80%)



suite of fifteen skirting board paintings presented at Lichthof der VHS, Cologne, September 1998. Within the language of protest, the Liverpool Dockers' corrupting of the CK logo moved from the streets to UEFA via Robbie Fowler's public support of the t-shirts. During the FIFA 1998 World Cup, the play got so boring that the advertising hoardings took precedence. Not meant to be watching them. Forty-five minutes each way.


l  goland
Thirty-four second digital film produced at the Loch Ness display at LegoLand in Windsor. Had looked back through the film. Had spent too much time looking at the Loch. Just behind Castle Urquart were some figures. Copy of McEwan's amsterdam in my pocket at the time. Clive is in The Lake District, seeking inspiration to finish his Millennium anthem. Sitting behind some rocks, he hears voices. Loathe to interupt his flow, he looks, sees people and immediately wishes he hadn't.