Twenty unattributed views about Margate:

the Company... amuse themselves by riding on Asses (1819)

a huge range of theatres, restaurants, nightclubs and cinemas (2001)

a fine clean sand, perfectly free from rocks, stones, sea-weed, and all manner of soil and sullage (1771)

Dunkirk: 46,000 men were landed here (1940)

Dreamland: monumental masonry derived distantly from Werkbund (2001)


the loveliest skies (1856)

the vast metropolis poured forth her smokey thousands (1819)

bathing may be attainable with the strictest decency (1793)

GOING TO MARGATE!! Who has not been to Margate? (1828)

Butlin's Holiday Hotels (1960s)


the air of Margate is the finest in England (1906)

smiling cornfields have been turned into a dreary wilderness of ragged building sites (c1910)

one of the most popular seaside resorts of England... bracing air, excellent sands (1913)

Margate landladies have been famed for their chastity and prudence (1938)

very successful in encouraging Senior Citizens to take holidays (1980s)


The old feel young again at Margate (c1910)

Last Resort (2000)

Margate has the superiority over every place in England, for the conveniency and propriety of bathing in salt water (1790)

A new concept in Casino Leisure (2001)

Vincent took a sketch while we strolled about and picked up shells (1828)


Charles Watkins, School of Geography, University of Nottingham (2001)