Alan Dunn & 67projects
Left: Billboard no. 471, on Crosshall Engineering Building, 1 Wellington Street, Liverpool City Centre. Dimensions: 40ft x 10ft


Venue: The above site at Wellington Street has been hired by Alan Dunn for the 4 week period 7 November - 4 December 2005.

Location: The billboard is best viewed when travelling to Liverpool from Wirral through the Kingsway Tunnel. It is estimated that just under 500,000 vehicles use the Kingsway Tunnel every fortnight.

Project: Two newly commissioned artworks will each appear on the site for 2 weeks each.

Content: A new collaborative work is being developed by Alan Dunn for the second two week period.

The first two week slot is a possible presentation slot for the NO MUSIC DAY work.

Process: Designs supplied to Alan D as original artwork or on CD, image saved at 300dpi, 'image size' to be 2x1ft (60x30cm). Can be full-colour or black & white. Each work to include a legible link to a project website page. These links need not be enormous as vehicles do pass at a closer viewing distance before they swing around from the tunnel. Supporting material for website welcome. Placement of this link to be agreed between all involved. Final billboard dimensions 40 x 10ft. AD to pay for all production (one copy of print) & installation of poster, provide documentation and pay fee of 300 upon receipt of signed invoice.

Artist Design proposal for website Final artwork Installation dates
tbc 17 October 27 October Mon 7 Nov - Sunday 20 Nov 2005
Alan Dunn 1 November 10 November Mon 21 Nov - Sunday 4 Dec 2005