Billboard panel number 2075/01. Location: Junction of Seel Street and Slater Street, Liverpool City Centre. Directly in front of panel is a 20m square plot that was once a car park. The building on which the panel sits is called "ADAMS CLUB" and was once used by Roger Eagle to programme gigs after his Eric's Club was closed on Matthew Street.

Dimensions of billboard: 20x10ft (6.30 x 3.15m)

Context - Liverpool city centre, adjacent to numerous pubs and clubs, 5 minutes from Probe Records (main independent music retailer) and FACT, Foundation for Art & Creative Technology. Billboard is viewed around 100,000 times per week.

Billboard has been hired by Alan Dunn for the four-week period 11 September - 8 October which coincides with the first four weeks of the Liverpool Biennial contemporary art festival. Dunn will commission four new digital artworks, each to appear for one week on the panel. Dunn will pay all printing costs from original file (see below), installation costs and one-off fee of 300.

Digital file: 300dpi resolution, TIFF file, print size: 60x30cm (average file size 72MB).

'Theme' - while no precise brief is being issued, the overall title of the 4 works is OBSCURER, as an exploration of presenting the obscure or obtuse in public, or the process of making obscure that which is clear.

LINKS to previous billboard artworks commissioned for same location

(left)Pierre Huyghe, 1999

Four commissioned artworks, 2006

Four commissioned artworks, 2005

Four commissioned artworks, 2005

Artist Confirm participation Design and text for website Final artwork Installation dates
New commission 1 16 June 7 Aug 7 Aug 11-17 September
Alan Dunn 16 June 7 Aug 7 Aug 18-24 September
New commission 2 16 June 7 Aug 7 Aug 25 Sept - 1 Oct
New commission 3 16 June 7 Aug 7 Aug 2-8 October

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