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REVILATION, June 2006, a suggested 22-track compilation.


The full title of the Scholastic Death track is “the revolution will not be posted on ebay”; the full Charles Bronson title is “let’s start a revolution so I can break things; the Robyn Hitchcock track is edited down from the full eleven-minute live version; the Phil Ochs track is from 1966, pre-dating the Beatles by two years.

The Total Chaos track was tucked away on the b-side of the 1982 7" 'There are no Russians in Afghanistan' but is written about eloquantly by Ian Glasper in ‘Burning Britain’.

The following artists remain unused in 9RPM: Los Lobos, Frank Chickens, Teena Marie, X and Brian Eno, all of whom are known to have used “revolution”.

Track Listing (no MP3 downloads available):

1 PAUL REVERE revolution radio advert

2 CHARLES BRONSON let’s start a revolution

3 PETE SEEGER if a revolution comes to my country

4 CRASS bloody revolutions

5 NINA SIMONE revolution

6 BOB MARLEY revolution

7 DJ VADIM your revolution

8 GUIDED BY VOICES can’t hear the revolution

9 ROTTERDAM TERROR CORPS gabber revolution

10 DANBERT NOBACON piggies in revolution 9

11 MBEANIS N. ALZIN revolution

12 PANTERA revolution is my name

13 PHIL OCHS ringing of revolution

14 RACHEL & THE REVOLVERS revolution

15 RICO GARCIA revolution (snippet)

16 SARAH MARLOWE revolution song

17 MR X AND MR Y viva la revolution

18 SCHOLASTIC DEATH revolution will not be posted

19 THE FAST SET children of the revolution

20 TOMORROW revolution

21 ROBYN HITCHCOCK revolution 9

22 TOTAL CHAOS revolution part 10

END (above) CDR insert detail.

END (above right) Total Chaos 7".

END (right) Dorsey Burnette, 1932-1979.