1 Douglas Gordon "+44 7966 450 969" 2008, Scotland/USA

2 Flag Poles "Revolution is money" written by Matt Stull, see, USA

3 Sisters Of Revolution excerpts from 9th Floor Radio Show courtesy of Sisters Of Revolution and 9th Floor Radio, an Internet radio station broadcasting from Laney College in Oakland, California, USA

4 Fiomily "Talking about a revolution" Tracy Chapman song performed by Emily (16) and Fiona (14) on youtube, Germany

5 Anonymous "The revolution says: I was, I am, I will be again" final public statement of the Red Army Faction / Baader-Meinhof Gang, Germany

6 Eleventh Sun "Revolution" produced By Eleventh Sun (Boris and Jacob Segal), see, Toronto, Canada

7 Aldous Huxley "The Ultimate Revolution (Excerpt)" recorded on 20th March 1962 at The Berkeley Language Center. Courtesy of the University of California Berkeley Media Resources Center, copyrighted by the Regents of the University of California, USA

8 The Pinker Tones "Welcome to the million colour revolution" , see, Barcelona, Spain

9 Fred Hampton "On revolution" , Black Panthers speech excerpt, courtesy of The UC Berkeley Social Activism Sound Recording Project, USA

10 Giddee Limit "Revolution Soldier - Dub I.D. Remix" Produced by DJ Rubbish with additional production by Dub I.D. for Voltage Music

11 Raul Castro "59th anniversary of Cuban Revolution" news report courtesy of

12 Sara Marlowe "Revolution Song" , see, Toronto, Canada

13 Nataliya Nadtoka "Viva La Revolution" courtesy of the artist, describing a work first produced for SIGGRAPH, 2007, Ukraine/UK

14 Chumbawamba "Liberation" taken from the 1985 single "revolution"

15 Marcel Duchamp - no MP3 available

16 Boston Spaceships "Headache Revolution" written by Robert Pollard (Needmore Songs, BMI, 2009) and appearing originally on the album The Planets Are Blasted (Guided By Voices, Inc). The song joins the ranks of Pollard’s revolution classics – hero blows the revolution, can’t hear the revolution, revolution boy, the revolutionary actress, recommended out of sight revolution and with revolution red eyes. See

17 Redskins "Beating the blues" excerpt from a Films At Work documentary, 1984

18 Miek en Roel "Die Grotie Revolutie" debuted as folksingers in 1965, see, Belgium/Netherlands

19 Jeff Young "Hungary, 1956" Jeff Young writes for theatre, radio, film, TV and makes art with Alan Dunn. His next projects include Quadrophenia for stage and COMA, a libretto for English National Opera

20 AD&THEFILMTAXI "23 seconds of England-Hungary 1953" from the moment Puskas dummied Billy Wright, the match that revolutionized British football

21 Charles Dreyfus "george m. talks about revolution and revolution with charles d. (new york city, may 1974)" this new work was inspired by the following section of George Maciunas’ 1963 Fluxus Manifesto: "PROMOTE A REVOLUTIONARY FLOOD AND TIDE IN ART. Promote living art, anti-art, promote NON ART REALITY to be fully grasped by all peoples, not only critics, dilettantes and professionals.” See , Paris

22 Sylvester Staline "Fatal Mosh From Venice Beach Goulag aka Revolution Is Trendy" see, France

23 Rob Sewell "Lenin, Trotksy and the Russian Revolution" see for full speech

24 Nels "Sexual revolution" see Myspace, USA

25 Natasha Del Toro Excerpts from the film Cuba: The Art Revolution , courtesy of FRONTLINE/World. Full film available on youtube. See

26 Pimiento Pastel "Mexican Revolution" see, Mexico

27 Herbert Marcuse "Liberation from the Affluent Society" the Dialectics of Liberation conference at The Roundhouse in London in 1967 from which this speech is taken was documented on a 23-LP set. See

28 Cameron Carpenter "Étude, Op. 10, No. 12 in C Minor, The Revolutionary" Frédéric Chopin, composed around 1831, adapted for organ by Cameron Carpenter. From Telarc CD-80711 Revolutionary, (P) 2008 Telarc International, a division of Concord Music Group, Inc.

29 James Chinneck "A furtive firing tool" James Chinneck works in a variety of different media including photography, sound, video, installation and text. Recent works include millionth, a 43-minute audio composition

30 Mellow Mark featuring Gentleman "Revolution" see, Germany

31 Rob Sewell "Lenin, Trotksy and the Russian Revolution" see for full speech

32 Sheldon Blackman "Revolution (Chant)" from the CD ‘Remember Me’ on reloaded. Sheldon is based between South Trinidad and Oslo. See

33 The Civil Servants "Pivot Point" see, London


1 Peter Suchin "All at once, there on the track, a soft rain of words, turning, turning" Peter Suchin has contributed to many journals and books, including Art Monthly, Frieze and Mute. His most recent exhibition, The Grey Planets, was at HICA, Scotland, in 2008

2 Unknown "It's revolution!" from the LP The bathrooms are coming!, American Standard, 1969

3 Marcel Journet "La Marseillaise (excerpt)" Victor 74039, Marcel Journet (1867-1933), bass, La Marseillaise (de Lisle), Mat. C-3178-3 Rec. January 17, 1912, c/o

4 Aidan Winterburn "Chartist Broadside 1841" in the 18th and 19th centuries, songs that dealt with revolutionary themes - or simply satirical or scatological songs - were published in broadsides to be sung to popular tunes of the day. The lyrics were written by Thomas Cooper and found in the Northern Star and Leeds General Advertiser

5 Paul Revere & The Raiders Radio advert for Revolution, 1967 courtesy of the band, Colombia Records & Sony BMG Music Entertainment

6 Rich Rath "The revolution will not be on the Internet" a lecturer in history at the University of Hawaii, Rich created this track from ‘sampled modems and dialtones and guitars under words inspired by Gil Scott Heron and dub poet Mutabaruka. See

7 Mark Dowding and Chris Harvey Johnny Green’s Trip Fro’ Owdham To See The Manchester Railway From the Manchester Ballads CD, arranged by Mark Dowding and Chris Harvey, Cock Robin Music Catalogue No CRM 143/144. This is the tale of Jone O’Grinfilt dealing with the opening of the Manchester and Liverpool railway line. Towards the end of the song he confusingly sees the line as an escape from the impending industrial revolution rather than a vehicle for it

8 Schoolz Of Thought "360 Degrees Of Revolution" see, USA

9 Katrin Lock "My parents’ silver wedding" see, UK/Germany

10 Marco Capelli "Children of the revolution" see, USA

11 Cyness "Children of no revolution" see, Germany

12 Warsaw Poland Bros "Revolution" see, USA

13 Unknown "Song to the October Revolution" from Music of the Chinese Revolution, a compilation of revolutionary songs from the New Democratic, Socialist, and Cultural revolutions of the People's Republic of China before the capitalist coup in 1976, c/o

14 Sara Jones Interview about Your revolution , courtesy of, 2003. See and fully recommended is the DJ Vadim version of Your revolution

15 Rie Nakajima "Hallucination" see

16 Microphone Killa "Mexican Revolution" see, courtesy of Hardcore Records Music, USA

17 Ambassador21 "Revolution is a business (remix by C-DRIK)" from Akcija V1.1 (Invasion Wreck Chords, 2005), see, Belarus

18 Alex Dempster "Revolution 5" Glasgow

19 David Jacques and Adrian Bailey "Revvin' up with the Critical Mass" bike sounds provided courtesy of Liverpool's Critical Mass at the Chinese Arch, prior to their ride through the City Centre, 6pm Friday 13th February 2009

20 Mutants of the Holocaust "Karl Marx's English Revolution" this is the only known recording by the self-proclaimed greatest band that never were, Leeds

21 Samantha Wass "Information revolution" Contemporary Art Practices, Leeds Metropolitan University.

22 The Sound of Aircraft Attacking Britain "Revolution by night" see and

23 Alma Tischler-Wood "10 past 12 Friday" see, UK

24 Simon Whetham "Icelandic Revolution" see

25 Mark Whitford "revolution mw 2 44khz" Contemporary Art Practices, Leeds Metropolitan University

26 Kevin Logan "In-ter-na-tio-nale" processed and filtered excerpt from a field-recorded May Day parade

27 Abdulla Jamal Sagirma "We will stay Kurds" selected by Kurda Abdulla, this 2003 song has lyrics from an Ibrahim Ahmed poem with music by his daughter Shanaz Ibrahim Ahmed

28 Kelvin K no MP3 available

29 Antitedax "Revoluciónate" see, Spain

30 Anonymous First line of Lux Interior's Obituary, The Guardian, 6.2.2009 , Gauguin said there are two types of artists, revolutionaries and plagiarists. Lux Interior, lead singer of the Cramps, once commented, We're revolutionaries

31 Foreign Investment "The morning after a revolution" excerpts from a 24-hour performance at Connecting Principle, University of Newcastle, 2002, in which the artists’ group responded to, and re-typed, that morning’s news headlines, see, UK/Germany/South Africa/Turkey

32 Pekatralatak "Revolution" see and lyrics, France

33 Marion Harrison "68 Collage" this spoken sound collage links three historic timelines: The Prague Spring, Charter 77 and the Velvet Revolution; the Recording of Revolution, Revolution 1 and Revolution 9 and the power of the music by The Beatles and The Plastic People of the Universe during 1968/1969

34 A Challenge of Honour "Freie Revolution" A Challenge of Honour is the Dutch music project of Peter Savelkoul. This track is taken from the ‘Am Ende Des Tages Feiern Wir Unsere Siege’ 7” on Steinklang Industries, 2003. See

35 dj BC vs Big D and The Kids Table "Raw Reggae Revolution" see, USA

36 AD&THEFIMTAXI feat. Zak "A list of songs not included on this CD"

BONUS TRACKS - 67 seconds

BONUS 1 Gintas K "Oops! This link appears broken"

BONUS 2 Diego Restrepo "revolution"

BONUS 3 Expresión Sonora "Clair de la lune 2009"

BONUS 4 Yolanda Spínola Elías "Pure conscience revolution"

BONUS 5 Aiden Deery "Office 09"

BONUS 6 nerefuh "modernity 67 version"

Compiled by Alan Dunn, Leeds/Liverpool 2009-2005.

This CD has been produced within an MCPS Limited Manufacture License and is premiered at the Recent Appointments exhibition, Leeds Met Gallery.

Every effort was made to contact those connected with all excerpts and anyone with further information should contact Alan Dunn at

This is the first in a series of audio collections produced by the School of Contemporary Art and Graphic Design within the Faculty of Arts & Society. Supported by Arts Council North West and Leeds Metropolitan University.

Image: Liscard Hall, former art school, Central Park, Wallasey, Wirral, 2008, day after it was arson attacked.

Insert: Professor Derek Horton

Design: Lisa Novak

Print: MediaHeaven, Leeds

Edition: 1000

Immense thanks go to all those who understood the idea of the project: Gary Handman (Director, Media Resource Center, University of California, Berkeley), Boff (Chumbawamba), Casey Orr, Chris Bloor, Alice Morgan (Leeds Metropolitan University), Robert Pollard, Rich Turiel, David Newgarden (Boston Spaceships), Mr. Furia, Mark Davyd (The Pinker Tones), Guy Worsick (BBC Motion Gallery), Cheryl Hawkins (Telarc International Corporation), Colin Dali, Martin Hewes (Redskins), Baz (Unofficial Redskins MySpace Page), Harold Marcuse and the Marcuse family, Paul Machlis (McHenry Library, University of California), Phil Sharpe (, Colin (Flag Poles), Jorge Ruiz a.k.a Microphone Killa, Laura and Melissa (Sisters of Revolution and 9th Floor Radio), Alexey (Ambassador21), Guillermo (Pimiento Pastel), Luke (Nordic Trax), Richard Bowers (The Sound of Aircraft Attacking Britain), Nicole Martin (Democracy Now!), Jeanette Long and the legal team at American Standard, Greta (Antitedax), Marco Polo (Lux obituary), Paul Ashton (MOTH), Bill Drummond, S. Astrid Bin (The Civil Servants), Bob Cronin (dj BC vs Big D and The Kids Table), Loffi (Cyness), Claire Hecamp (MCPS/PRS), Alex Hart (Paul Revere & The Raiders), Roger Hart (Paul Revere & The Raiders’ manager, writer & producer), Timothy Smith and Jeffrey Schulberg (Sony BMG Music Entertainment), Chris Watson, Syntax, Tomas Palermo, Emma Goldman and Entartete Kunst Records.