CANTaudio014, audio CD, edition of 15, July 2005
theend is a 11-track walk around the edges of The Doors' The End from 1967 and the life of Diego Armando Maradona which began at the very start of the same decade.

While producing theend I picked up Paul Morley's 'Words and Music' and felt vindicated by both its scope and its opening page. Its scope is 360 pages of text drawing a simple, but complex, parallel between two apparantly unrelated cultural moments - Kylie Minogue's 'Can't get you out of my head' and Alvin Lucier's 'I am sitting in a room'.

Its opening page, its opening eight lines, eight of the best I've read', is here.

The books summarised premise is that there can be a connection between 'experimental pieces' and 'popular pieces'. Like Morley, CANTaudio likes connections and also both 'experimental' and 'popular' pieces:

While producing theend Tate Liverpool opened its 'Summer Of Love' exhibition on the psychedelic art of the 1967 period. I stood there and attempted to draw direct parallels between these historical documents and my own 10 years in Liverpool (I found only Adrian Henri...). That same night, we stepped outside as the crowds swarmed up to St George's Hall to welcome back the Liverpool team after the Champions League final. 'It's just like 1977' someone said...

theend 25 February - 20 June 2005

1 teenage fanclub - your love is the place where i come from

2 sylvian - fire in the forest

3 pies - this is your time

4 cabaret voltaire - lost possibilities of modern dreams

5 a house - (more) endless art

1 paul morley 'words and music

2 alan warner - morven callar

3 tony cascarino - full-time

4 romanian reader, essay by kristine stiles, venice

5 henning mankell - faceless killers

6 scottish football headlines, brussels

1 chirnside art deco school, northumberland

2 laurie anderson (last half-hour), salford

3 honda gold wing, berwickshire

4 deaf school and suggs, liverpool

5 power point wedding, hanover

6 pisa

1 black sheets, documentation

2 foreign investment, sunday matinee

3 german pavilion, venice

4 the godfather part 1-3

5 beuys in berlin and tate

6 liverpool 3 ac milan 3

MP3 versions of tracks can be downloaded from CANTaudio page here
1 the end (05.32) Introduction to the song and its first 'wild' version as described by Ray Manzarek. The track begins with snippets from Kraftwerk's 'Europe Endless' from 1977 and 'Hristo' by Stoichkov. East meets West. The sound of a one-handed solving of the Rubik's Cube is in there along with Maradona speaking at Oxford University. Frankie Laine doing 'Champion' at 50% regular speed is how a tenantspin tribute to Diego may sound... Inspired by almost seeing Maradona in Glasgow in 1979.

2 alpha male (04.32) Begins with the east (Samovar Russian Folk Ensemble at 50%) and has some early Boca Juniors commentary (the south...). Alpha Male was originally paired with Foreign Investment, east meets west, male meets female, hence tarzan. The 'oi' track by Ignite (The Business) has the words 'you're shit' carefully removed from after the 'Maradona' refrain. All news reports, including the infamous 'golf club story' are from the BBC website.

3 russian roulette (04.19) The East vs The West, The Deer Hunter, Van Morrison's 'Russian Roulette', Superman and the reported Maradona Musical. The version of The End is by tribute band Doors Revivial and the text from Jim Morrison's 'stoned but articulate' interview in 1968 with the questions added afterwards, but also altered in this version. That is, lacking any coherence or authenticity at all.

4 ohell (04.58) Inspired by the photograph of Maradona and Queen and the Jon Spencer Blues Explosion (?) plunderphonic remix of 26 Explo. Inspired by those pieces of music that are (prior to information), a mystery. Excerpts from JFA's 'Out of School' (the Halloween theme harking back to CANTaudio009), and a new mix of the Jon Spencer track and John Oswald's 'O'Hell', itself a reworking of various Doors tracks (but perhaps not The End). Snippets from Marilyn Manson's 'Suicide is painless' and David Sylvian's 'Fire In The Forest' in the back/foreground.

5 endless art (01.52) Drastic reworking of 'Endless Art' by A House. EAST: eastern european gods: Stoichkov, Shevchenko, Pancev, Hagi, Kastanec, Stojkovic, Boban, Savicevic, Asanovic, Suker, Mikhailovic, Prosinecki et al. A House were heavily criticised for the male-only listings of 'Endless Art' and followed it with a female-only track entitled 'More Endless Art'...

6 foreign investment (03.11) Ingredients: Professor Bob Brier's lecture on Cleopatra’s Family, Marilyn Monroe's 'Teach me tiger', Nancy Sinatra's 'meeoow!, Brigitte Bardot's 'Harley Davidson', Isabelle Adjani's 'Je Ne Peux Plus Dir Je T’Aime', Sheena Easton's 'For your eyes only', Kathleen Hanna's 'I wish I was him' and a cover of The End by Rosetta Stone.

7 folks music (11.12) 1970's Nico interview, House of Love's 'Christine', live recording in Liverpool of AD67's folks (2005), 101 Strings Orchestra's 'La Dolce Vita', Nico's The End interwoven with Patti Smith’s Poem For Jim Morrison and Jello Biafra on Jim Morrison.

8 south america, south dundee (02.39) Inspired by Mexico 1986 and the story that Maradona would play for Dundee. Cover of The End by Days of The New and comment (rearranged) from Bobby Robson. Soundtrack lifted from footage of Maradona Museum. Spanish commentary, England-Argentina 1986, English commentary, England-Argentina 1986, words re-ordered, in certain parts, Nirvana's 'The End', Pawlo Humeniuk's 'Oj Pidu Ja Szicher Wicher', Jim Morrison's last ever recordings 'The Lost Paris Tapes', Paddys Irish Clan's 'Fuck The British Army' + Glasgow Rangers' 'Hullo Hullo' (welcome to Scotland), Anthony & The Johnsons' 'Cripple and the Starfish' and the last ever recorded words uttered by Morrison (?), just for o’hell of it…

9 just for the hell of it (05.28) Inspired by Cabaret Voltaire’s ‘Lost Possibilities Of Modern Dreams’; Paddys Irish Clan's 'Fuck The British Army' and The Doors' 'The End'

10 leave them for dead (04.00) Black Flag's 'spray paint', Einsturzende Neubauten's 'ende neu', (Mara)Donovan – (Mara)Donna (verses re-ordered and clipped), Spanish commentary, England-Argentina 1986, English commentary, England-Argentina 1986, Maradona leaves them for dead, BBC News – ASBO Report, Hardcore piano, Black Flag + Ray Manzarek – Sunrise 95%, BBC – remember you’re a God, looped

11 endless (04.41) The very beginning and the very end of twelve tracks:

Sonic Youth – bull in the heather

Romanian folk song

00I00 – Kila Kila Kila

Bjork – forgiveness

Mantovani – old lang syne

Iggy & The Stooges – tight pants

Mogwai – Nick Drake

Deerhoof – flower

The Doors – peace frog

Ramones – endless vacation

Prince Buster – enjoy yourself

David Sylvian & Fennesz – transit

followed by Johnny Thunders – can’t (out-take from cantaudio 004), live recording of Linosa Close demolition, Liverpool, 2005 and finally The Doors' 'The End' with the “this is” lyric reversed to “is this”