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Text for CD Insert: Track title: Rachmaninov

Duration: 5’38

Artists: Alan Dunn & Jeff Young

Date: 2004-5

Alan Dunn and Jeff Young spent three months in Woolton, South Liverpool, producing the audio work ‘36 Compositions for a Woolton Jukebox’.

Operating from an observation and listening post on the tenth floor of a local tower block, they struggled with the fragmentation of the neighbourhood and gradually became the conductors for a diverse range of sounds and weather; the woman brought up on Tolstoy, one of the original Quarrymen, the church where John first met Paul in 1957, the son of Bob Paisley and the woman who longed to smash glass.

Alan Dunn is lead artist on the community webcast project with FACT ( ) and founder of the cantaudio CDR label ( ). Jeff Young’s list of BBC Radio productions includes The Don, Carandiru, Wormwood and SuperBlock.


Rachmaninov (track 36 from ‘36 Compositions for a Woolton Jukebox’) features Brenda Tillston reading from The Jeweller’s Shop by Karol Wojtyla, a radio phone-in on Anti-Social Behaviour, the sand-blasting of Dealcroft tower block, Liverpool University Acoustic Research Unit, The Pilkington Glass European Research Centre, Eleanor Rigby’s gravestone, Linksview Spanish Class reading Homero Aridjis, Rachmaninov’s Piano Concerto 1 Movement 2, The St Peter’s Bell Ringers and Vong Phaophanit & Claire Oboussier’s Outhouse glass structure in Woolton.