will tear us apart, cant audio 002, June 2003

section 1, 9m22s

last strings (+ reverse, 55-100%), swinging rope, begin at the end

to the start, drums, banging of head against wall


ringing phone: buzzcocks no reply

"a lot of your songs are kind of depressing" (interviewer to new order, irish radio, 1986)

verses in reverse order, chorus-less:

and ambitions are low

just can't function no more

that something so good

as desperation takes hold

and there's a taste in my mouth

all my failings exposed

do you cry out in your sleep

that we've kept through our lives

yet there's still this appeal

our respect run so dry

is my timing that flawed

you've turned away on your side

why is the bedroom so cold

taking different roads

and we're changing our ways

but emotions won't grow

and resentment rides high

and ambitions are low

and resentment rides high

but emotions won't grow

and resentment won't grow

but emotions are low

but emotions won't grow

but emotions are low

learning the keyboard

ringtone (100-80%) here

scratches from johnnny thunders can't put your arms around a memory 12", 1978

strings and fake applause

new order cover (95-87%), queens university, belfast, 1986, available here

sex pistols god save the queen

slow it down! false start, keyboard mastered

ringtone (100-20%)

section 2, 9m22s

the cure cover version (100%), available here

plate 6 cover version (96-98%), available here

will tear us apart: william burroughs, public enemy, beach boys, bruce springsteen

ecstatics cover version (85%, verses & chorus removed), available here

missy elliott (cut to blue monday drum pattern), uncut original here

will tear us apart: ivor cutler

will tear us apart: kurt & courtney (hole malibu)

10,000 maniacs cover version, old main inn, new york, 1982 (100%, verses & chorus removed), available here

will tear us apart: bruce springsteen (verses re-ordered)

section 3, 5m37s

first new order version, Tower Ballroom, Birmingham, 9th May 1983 on the anniversary of Curtis' death (reverse, verses & chorus removed, 72%). Audio available here

will tear us apart: bruce springteen my father's house 1982

last night i dreamed that i was a child

out where the pines grow wild and tall

i was trying to make it home through the forest

before the darkness fell

i heard the wind rustling

through the trees

and ghostly voices

rose from the fields

i ran with my heart pounding

down that broken path

with the devil snapping at my heels

i broke through the trees and there in the night

my father's house stood shining hard and

bright the branches and brambles tore my

clothes and scratched my arms

but i ran till i fell shaking in his arms

i awoke and imagined the hard things that pulled us apart

will never again sir tear us from each other's hearts

i got dressed and to that house i did ride from

out on the road i could see its windows shining in light

i walked up the steps and stood on the porch

a woman i didn't recognise came and spoke to me through a chained door

i told her my story and who i'd come for

she said: "i'm sorry son but no one by that name lives here anymore"

my father's house shines hard and bright

it stands like a beacon calling me in the night

calling and calling so cold and alone

shining cross this dark highway where our sins lie unatoned

my father's home



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